This project was never supposed to be a project. It began with a brief idea – to create a missing pet poster for a goldfish. There was no particular reason for doing this, but once I had the image of the poster in my head, I thought, why not? It seems ridiculous that a fish would go missing, but even more ridiculous that someone would appeal to the general public for information.

I managed to recruit a couple of friends to help put the posters up, and I reluctantly decided that the best time to do this was around 4am. We finished our rounds of the city and arrived home at at around 7am. Less than 1 hour later, I received the first of many phone calls – a young woman who claimed she had seen my fish on the way to work.

Over the following few days, I spoke to over 100 people, mostly about fish, but other topics too – the most compelling conversation I had lasted 15 minutes, 10 of which were spent discussing the past winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. In addition to the phone calls, I received a large volume of text messages, several picture messages, one or two death threats and a cumulative total of £38,081 in ransom demands.

I quoted that figure to various banks and applied for personal loans to cover the amount, carefully explaining exactly why I ‘needed’ the money. If you would like to know more about any of the correspondence that was exchanged throughout this project, please contact me.

Below are a selection of photographs taken whilst spreading the posters.