I’m always open to discuss new commissions and welcome all enquiries.

Since my first commission in 2012 (a series of portraits for the National Library of Scotland), I’ve completed numerous bespoke works for various clients, both private and public – everything from helping couples celebrate anniversaries and birthdays, to creating book covers, illustrating wall space for retail environments – even developing creative recruitment ads for UK Intelligence Services.

Whether it’s a small but special gift, or unique visuals for an ad campaign, my commissioning process is well-planned and transparent, with timing and pricing explored at the very start. Both timing and pricing depend mostly on the size, complexity and usage of the work. These considerations are usually flexible and can be adjusted to suit a particular deadline or budget.

My work begins with your area of interest. I search for a range of original maps from countless sources, covering every part of the world. I take great care to ensure the maps I offer are of the highest quality, and are suitable for use. A large part of my process is dependent on what I find, although I aim to offer a selection of possibilities in a range of different sizes, prices, scales and styles. I naturally restore and if needed, resize maps before any drawing or painting begins. Client input is always welcome – you may already have a particular map in mind, or perhaps you have a meaningful photograph you’d like me to look at – maybe you have both, or neither. Every commission is different.

If you’d like further information with no obligation, contact me for further details.

Partial clients list:

A few examples of both private and commercial commissioned work. Click on the images to see in full screen gallery.